Why should you become a member of VINCY COMMUNITY

Vincy Community Partner Business

Why should you become a member of VINCY COMMUNITY

1. Our very own Social community

2. It’s 100% FREE!3. You win gifts weekly

4. Read what’s happening in all Vincy communities

5. Connect with local businesses.

6. Earn rewards for interacting with friends and family

7. You connect with friends

8. Buy & sell your own items

9. See who is celebrating10. You get to learn more about your country through quizzes and more

11. Post pics & Videos

12. News/Music & more

13. You get deals and giveaways

14. You see who is celebrating birthdays & Anniversaries

15. Vincy Community rewards you for adding friends and watching videos of partners

16. You participate in Polls

Vincy Community Partner Business

17. Make money for selling ads as well as selling for others through our affiliate program.

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