Whitney Springer Hyman-Vincentians Stories(Audio inside)

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Today we feature Mrs. Whitney Springer Hyman from the village of Questelles….. Known by most as Whitney Springer she has grown to become a beautiful pearl with an outstanding personality.

Whitney attended the Questelles Government school then went on to the Campden Park Secondary school but had a transfer to the Georgetown Secondary at 4th form.

Mr & Mrs. Hyman

She migrated to Anguilla in 2007 then moved on to Canada in 2010 where she still resides up to this present time.

Parents name: Sandra Hannah Springer (deceased ) and Brian young also of Questelles. One brother Romano Springer.

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Mrs. Hyman is a devout Christian who works with the elderly and loves what she does…

The Vincentian community appreciates you Whitney Springer Hyman and thanks for consenting to be part of our “Know Our Vincentian” feature…

Listen to Whitney’s audio by clicking below

Whitney Springer Hyman


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