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Sean SeanJay Samuel2Points for adding friend
Yolanda Nelson5Points for daily site visit
Mandi Findlay5Points for daily site visit
Mandi Findlay50Points for becoming a member
Sean SeanJay Samuel2Points for adding friend
joxena stephens100Points for viewing video
joxena stephens5Points for daily site visit
Kingandrew5Points for daily site visit
Andrew Miller5Points for daily site visit
Liz Gibson50Points for becoming a member

Top 10 points on Leaderboard

  1. #1 Sean SeanJay Samuel 59
  2. #2 Gabriel Adonis 35
  3. #3 Condean Haywood 22
  4. #4 Njeri Romeo 18
  5. #5 Christina Loh Boyer 16
  6. #6 Andrew Miller 11
  7. #7 Chandy Sweet 11
  8. #8 Liz Gonsalves 11
  9. #9 Juliet Giles-David 11
  10. #10 Deloris Hodge 11

Points details

  1. Points for daily visits to our website- 5 points
  2. Points for becoming member-5 points(one time)
  3. Points for watching specific videos- 15 points (Must watch entire video)
  4. Points for adding friends-5 Points each(5 max per day)
  5. Points for posting in the community- 1 point per post (2 points max. per day)
  6. Points for messaging-1 point per message-(2 points max per day)
  7. Points for Newsfeed comments-1 point per comment- (2 points max per comment)
  8. Points for commenting on articles-1 point per comment- (2 points max per comment)
  9. Point for posting a picture-1 point per picture post (2 points max. per day)
  10. Points for setting up background Picture-5 Points(one time)
  11. Points for being a member for a year- 10 points
  12. Points for viewing article post-(1 point max per day)
  13. Points for viewing specific page- (1 point max per day)
  14. Points for viewing our giveaways- (1 point)

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