VC Affilates

Vincy Community gives you the opportunity to earn up to 20% on each advertiser you bring on-board. You get paid for the lifetime of the advertiser (payment only ends if the advertiser ends the contract)

You tell the business’ about us and give them some initial information such as flyers, cards, videos, and email, then they contact us with your full name and we will credit your account.

We can also contact them on your behalf after your initial contact with them.

E.g 1. Earn EC$5.00 if an advertiser pays us EC$25

You can earn as much as you can… there’s no cap to your earning…. if you bring 100 advertisers that pay us EC$100, you earn $2000 in total… Come on board and spread the news about us!

We provide you will the neccesary tools you need

e.g. flyers- electronic only, website links and banners etc

Payments are made when you reach the minimum of $100

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