St.Vincent Cocoa company “Providing Opportunities Through Youth Empowerment”

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The St. Vincent Cocoa Company prides itself on employing some of the nation’s most promising youths. It is remarkable that our company, which is the largest agricultural employer in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, is predominantly operated by young people in the age range 18 to 30 years old. Most employers require a minimum of two years’ experience, but here at our company we provide opportunities once the individual meets the qualification requirements.

SVCC 2018 Interns

In 2018 the company partnered with the St. Vincent Community College and provided internships to five youths pursuing associate degrees in various fields applicable to our business ranging from Agronomy to Sales. The Interns gained a wide range of experience as they performed essential tasks that affect our daily operations. This partnership resulted in one of these interns gaining permanent employment with us. Here is a highlight of her journey with us.

Tinique Stephanie Williams first came to the St. Vincent Cocoa Company in May 2018 when she was selected as one of the five students to do internship with us. She was the youngest. Her quiet persona had us wondering if she will survive in the fast pace environment of Sales and Marketing. After the first week we saw Tinique’s personality coming out and the way she put theory into practice. She was open to training and was willing to work as part of a team. She was able to aide in developing and conducting a market research survey that later lead us to determine what new flavor to add to our line of chocolates. Her growth throughout the internship period was evident and that gained her a permanent position with our company after she graduated.

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Tinique is now a part of the Sales and Marketing team of the chocolate part of our business. She is no longer the shy eighteen-year-old we met last year but a more confident, energetic and sometimes hilarious young woman. She continues to make a significant contribution to the development and growth of our company with her creativity. Some of her contributions can be seen through our many promotions such as our Mother’s Chocolate Bouquet and most recently our Carnival promotion.  

Vincy Community Partner Business

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Tinique is the first born to her mother and the third child to her father. She grew up in the quiet community of Buccament Bay where she still resides. she began her early education at the Leeward Seventh Day Adventist Primary School followed by the Bethel High School. She then moved on to the St Vincent Community College where she pursued an associate degree in Sales and Marketing. She has a passion for travel, reading, singing and creating videos. 

When asked about her experience working with the staff, this is what she had to say “I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work at the St Vincent Cocoa Company, to work with my fellow staff who are more like family, helping me every day not just in a professional setting but with my personal life as well.”

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