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Vincy Community rewards its members for interacting with our website in the form of Points and also e-wallet cash. The points go towards any current campaign such as giveaways, Deals, Coupons etc and the Cash goes towards the e-wallet.

E-Wallet credits:

  1. Friends referrals- $0.01 per friend (5 max daily)
  2. Friends signup-$0.01 per friend signup( 5 max daily)
  3. Registrations-$1.00


Points are giving for:

  1. Registration-5
  2. Daily login-1 Point
  3. Video viewing on VC TV page-2 points
  4. When a purchase is made-varies
  5. Quizzes-participating in Quizzes
  6. Poll-Participating in poll
  7. Commenting in newsfeed
  8. Write a post
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