Mrs. Aleave Dennie Williams-Vincentians Story

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Mrs. Aleave Dennie-Williams a resident of Redemption Sharps is a proud mother of two wonderful children and now resides in Canada…

Mrs. Dennie-Williams’ mother is also from the village of Sharps who many would know as Miss Cynthia Dennie who is now retired.

Aleave attended the Lodge Village Gov’t, MVAA, St.Clair college of Arts and technology…

Now Mrs. Williams is a devout Christian and loves doing what she does… Dennie-Williams has 16 siblings and says its too much to mention.

Mrs. Dennie -Williams is now an activities coordinator at a Retirement home in Canada

Mrs. Dennie-Williams leaves these few words of encouragement to us by saying “Never give up hope. Even when you are at a place and it seems that you are never going to make it out don’t give up. Keep pressing, keep pushing, work hard pray even the end, it would be worthwhile”

Vincy Community Partner Business

The Vincy Community says thanks to Mrs. Dennie-Williams for being part of our Vincentian Story

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