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Today’s Interview comes from Judy Moore Jackson of Questelles

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Judy took on Moore because of her father Ottley Moore who is from Troumaca.

She’s currently working at the East Caribbean metal in Camden Park. That’s the galvanized Factory is ECMl. If you need your galvanized, you know where to come. It’s opposite the send St Vincent Brewery.

Judy, let’s talk about your father’s parents and family. Let’s start from your grand Father

“I don’t think I know them in person. I so I cannot remember seeing my grandfather once.”

“Probably just a glimpse of my grandfather.”

He from Georgetown and have kids with the lady day besides having that didn’t you know, he had a new set of children with that lady

And I think he used to like to drink a lot of rooms. Most people. Remember my grandfather Human Condition Department.

Yeah, it’s okay, man had a new set of children just like my grandfather. My father’s father. I have to call him auntie and uncle’s yeah.

I can remember my father’s mother. I didn’t say anything about her but she was immense Moore.

I have a sister who is Esther. She’s a nurse seamstress. And of course, I asked by myself to be a seamstress Professional Steam straightener. I think it’s in the family cuz my grandmother used to make on the way his phone on the way is something you see them hanging on the line and they have some big elastic in the waist and legs. But at least they never used to drop off of her. So I think I weigh at one or two in back in the day.

And then there’s Jennifer. She’s like a big tall giant Cheatin Kind of one. She’s married and two sons and there’s online and it isn’t true. She’s also married to two kids.

I have two brothers. There’s Tatum or he’s in canaoun.

Judy encourages the young to stay focus in life.

Work towards it it’s not going to happen for you if you don’t do it for yourself, so don’t make others.

I know that’s for young people encourage and support the younger ones.

Because what are we leaving them up? And I see when we leave them up when we leave our children or when yes, I know some people would even say you can’t talk to people children anymore.

Vincy Community Partner Business

But still, do your part as an individual because you would feel better when you say what you doing is wrong. Yes, you just never know. What impact you can make on someone’s true.

My daughter Ahjea Jackson, she’s 17 years old and she goes to the Community College and I’m trying my best to see how I can support you in every way so she can keep our head up. Right? Okay and have a little boy 7 years old

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