FREE Gifts

Click on the links below to enter the draw for FREE gifts

1. Blender– 1000 points to access

2. Electric Iron-1000 points to access

3. Groceries($100 value)-1000 points to access

4. laundry Detergent-200grams- 900 Points to access

5. laundry Basket- 500 points to access

Our Next Draw will be held on Saturday, June 15th, 2019 at 8pm-LIVE on FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE

How does this work

We have a weekly draw which any member can enter. This draw is done every SATURDAY and all points are reset at 8pm

  1. Member must reach the required point standing for each gift. E.g 1000 points
  2. After reaching the required amount. Select the gift your desire and then enter the code provided
  3. Your name will come up on the list which will be randomly selected

NB. Winners will be announced on every Saturday at 8pm via our Facebook LIVE and in our Vincy Community and also posted to our other social media networks.

Click here to see how to earn points