Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Establishes New Diplomatic Ties

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When SVG assumes it’s non- permanent seat on the UN Security Council on January 2020, it would have three new allies in the form of the small nation-state of San Marino, Ukraine, and the Kyrgyz Republic.

All three territories are European nations with varying historical backgrounds and political ideologies. Both the Kyrgyz Republic and the Ukraine are former members of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic while San Marino is bordered entirely by Italy.

Vincy Community Partner Business

These diplomatic relations were established during the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly being held in New York. St Vincent and the Grenadines’ continues to embrace non traditional allies all over the world in an effort to foster co-operation on all levels. Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves says SVG embraces the charter of the United Nations which seeks to have nations resolve conflict through peaceful diplomacy and adherence to the principles of non-intervention and non-interference in the domestic affairs of sovereign states.

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Afiya Titus with Vincentian Grand Parents: food Entrepreneur Making Caribbean Cuisine Healthier

Source: Forbes

Caribbean food is known across the world for its rich flavours and is a food category which is growing in the UK and beyond as many people are increasingly curious to try food from different cultures and more established restaurants pop up. However, one of the major downsides to this cuisine is the impact it can have on health which is reflected in the abnormally high rates of dietary-health illnesses such as high blood pressure or diabetes across Afro-Caribbean communities the world over. One entrepreneur who left her career in the City of London to launch a health-conscious contemporary Caribbean food offering that you can enjoy guilt-free is Afiya Titus, founder of Lime Hut.

Early Beginnings 

Afiya grew up in the UK with parents who were the first British-born progeny of her Windrush generation grandparents, hailing from Jamaica and St Vincent and the Grenadines to be precise. The West Indian influence in the household growing up was very present and further complemented by annual trips to visit her grandparents, alternating between the Islands where her parents were from. Outside of the home, however, the experience was very different. 

Afiya attended a girl’s boarding school in Berkshire on a full scholarship, the only way her parents would have been able to afford it and openly classifies herself as a ‘nerd who excelled academically’. Unsure what route to go down she took on a variety of subjects in school with the only career she had given any serious thought being a diplomat. In light of this, she pursued a degree in French and Latin at UCL, subjects she had studied and enjoyed from the age of 8. Like many students, the university provided a great platform for discovery and Afiya soon found herself connecting with people from similar backgrounds in the African-Carribean Society. Soon after she became president of the society and meshing her academics and career aspirations with engaging with the community didn’t seem like such a foreign concept any more. 


St.Vincent Cocoa company “Providing Opportunities Through Youth Empowerment”

The St. Vincent Cocoa Company prides itself on employing some of the nation’s most promising youths. It is remarkable that our company, which is the largest agricultural employer in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, is predominantly operated by young people in the age range 18 to 30 years old. Most employers require a minimum of two years’ experience, but here at our company we provide opportunities once the individual meets the qualification requirements.

SVCC 2018 Interns

In 2018 the company partnered with the St. Vincent Community College and provided internships to five youths pursuing associate degrees in various fields applicable to our business ranging from Agronomy to Sales. The Interns gained a wide range of experience as they performed essential tasks that affect our daily operations. This partnership resulted in one of these interns gaining permanent employment with us. Here is a highlight of her journey with us.

Tinique Stephanie Williams first came to the St. Vincent Cocoa Company in May 2018 when she was selected as one of the five students to do internship with us. She was the youngest. Her quiet persona had us wondering if she will survive in the fast pace environment of Sales and Marketing. After the first week we saw Tinique’s personality coming out and the way she put theory into practice. She was open to training and was willing to work as part of a team. She was able to aide in developing and conducting a market research survey that later lead us to determine what new flavor to add to our line of chocolates. Her growth throughout the internship period was evident and that gained her a permanent position with our company after she graduated.

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Tinique is now a part of the Sales and Marketing team of the chocolate part of our business. She is no longer the shy eighteen-year-old we met last year but a more confident, energetic and sometimes hilarious young woman. She continues to make a significant contribution to the development and growth of our company with her creativity. Some of her contributions can be seen through our many promotions such as our Mother’s Chocolate Bouquet and most recently our Carnival promotion.  

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Tinique is the first born to her mother and the third child to her father. She grew up in the quiet community of Buccament Bay where she still resides. she began her early education at the Leeward Seventh Day Adventist Primary School followed by the Bethel High School. She then moved on to the St Vincent Community College where she pursued an associate degree in Sales and Marketing. She has a passion for travel, reading, singing and creating videos. 

When asked about her experience working with the staff, this is what she had to say “I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work at the St Vincent Cocoa Company, to work with my fellow staff who are more like family, helping me every day not just in a professional setting but with my personal life as well.”

Brooklyn cultural group conducts a successful medical mission to SVG

President of the Brooklyn-based United Vincie Cultural Group of Brooklyn (UVCGB) Dr. Roxie Irish-Morris hailed the group’s recent medical mission to St. Vincent and the Grenadines as a great success.

News Source: Caribbean Life News

“Despite the many challenges we faced, God came through for us in a very big way,” Dr. Irish-Morris told Caribbean Life, in an exclusive interview, about UVCGB’s 5th biennial mission, from Jul. 13-17. “We were united in every way.”

Dr. Irish-Morris said the group distributed medical supplies and clothing to Belair, Campden Park, Canouan, Sandy Bay, Calliaqua and Mesopotamia clinics; the Chateaubelair Hospital; the Dispensary at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in capital Kingstown; and the Lewis Punnett Home for the aged and indigent, among others.

She said UVCGB and other volunteers also conducted health fairs in collaboration with the Retired Nurses’ Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, in Kingstown.

While on the mission, Dr. Irish-Morris said members, most of whom worship at Miracle Temple Ministries, an evangelical church in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, attended and participated in Worship Services at the 11th Hour Ministries in Byera, in South Central Windward, and Mesopotamia, in the Marriaqua Valley, on mainland St. Vincent.

During these services, Dr. Irish-Morris, a youth minister at Miracle Temple Ministries, administered the word, and Judith “Baffy” Cuffy-Murray, UVCGB public relations officer, blessed congregants in song.


National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO) EMERGENCY SHELTERS 2019

North Windward

  1. Fancy Bethel Baptist Church
  2. Apostolic Faith Mission – Fancy
  3. Owia Government School
  4. Sandy Bay Government School
  5. Sandy Bay Seventh Day Adventist Church
  6. Tourama / Overland Government School
  7. Langley Park Government School (New Wing only)
  8. Orange Hill Community Centre
  9. Farmer Institute – Orange Hill
    North Central Windward
  10. Georgetown Community Centre
  11. Georgetown Secondary School
  12. Georgetown Primary School
  13. Dickson Methodist Church
  14. Covenant SDA Church – South Rivers
  15. Emmanuel Baptist Church – South Rivers
  16. South Rivers Learning Resource Centre
  17. Park Hill Evangelical Church
  18. Pamelus Burke Government School – Byera
  19. George Stephens Sr. Secondary School – Colonarie
    South Central Windward
  20. Greggs Government School
  21. Christopher Bernard Pre-school – Mt. Grenan
  22. New Grounds Primary School
  23. New Life Ministries
  24. North Union Secondary School (New Wing)
  25. South Central Windward Learning Resource Centre
  26. Lowmans Windward Anglican School
  27. Diamonds Government School

South Windward

  1. New Prospect Primary (Simon)
  2. Adelphi Secondary School (New Wing)
  3. Biabou Church of Christ
  4. Biabou Methodist Church
  5. Argyle Primary School – Argyle
  6. Calder Primary School
  7. New Creation Baptist Church –Peruvian Vale
  8. Calder Seventh Day Adventist Church
  9. Mount Coke Methodist Church – Stubbs
  10. South Windward Learning Resource Center
  11. St. Clair Dacon Secondary School- Stubbs
  12. Stubbs Seventh Day Adventist Church
    East St. George
  13. Apostolic Assemblies – Diamond
  14. Mt. Moriah S.D.A. Church & Development Centre – Belvedere
  15. Brighton Government School
  16. Calliaqua Anglican School
  17. St. Paul Parish Hall – Calliaqua
  18. Fair Hall Primary School
  19. Belmont Government School
    West St. George
  20. Church of God of Prophesy – Belair
  21. Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses – Belair
  22. West St. George Secondary School – Belair
  23. Doris McKie Learning Resource Centre – Upper Cane Hall
  24. St. Theresa’s Roman Catholic Church – Gomea
  25. Glad Tidings Tabernacle Pre School – Gomea
  26. Gomea Methodist Church and Pre School
  27. Dorsetshire Hill Evangelical Church
  28. Dorsetshire Hill Government School


  1. Light of Truth Church of God Seventh Day – Richland Park
  2. Church of Prophecy – Richland Park
  3. Church of God 7th Day – Richland Park
  4. Richland Park Government School
  5. Richland Park International Pentecostal Assembly
  6. Richland Park Methodist Church
  7. Richland Park SDA Church
  8. Mesopotamia Gospel Hall Assembly
  9. Adventist Church – Yambou
  10. Kingdom Life Tabernacle – Mesopotamia
  11. Emmanuel High School – Mesopotamia
  12. Marriaqua Government School
  13. St. John’s Evangelist Roman Catholic Church – Cane End
  14. Streams of Power Church – Carrierre
  15. Evesham Learning Resource Centre
  16. Evesham SDA Church


  1. The Church of the Ascension (Sion Hill Anglican Church)
  2. Faith Evangelistic Outreach Church – Sion Hill
  3. Sion Hill Government School
  4. Church of God Worldwide Mission Pentecostal – Redemption Sharpes
  5. Redemption Sharpes Community Centre – Redemption Sharpes
  6. Revival Centre – Murray’s Village
  7. Gospel Hall Church – Kingstown
  8. New Testament Church of God – Wilson Hill
  9. First Church of the Open Bible – Dasent Cottage
  10. Faith Temple Church – New Montrose
  11. Lodge Village Government School
  12. Faith Deliverance Church – Lodge Village
  13. New Testament Church – Lodge Village
  14. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – Kingstown
  15. J.P. Eustace Memorial School – Edinboro
  16. Fundamental Bible Church – Gibson Corner

South Leeward

  1. Lowmans Leeward Anglican Primary School
  2. Bethel Secondary School – Campden Park
  3. Apostolic Faith Mission Church – Campden Park
  4. Campden Park Community Baptist Church
  5. Wesleyan Holiness Church – Campden Park
  6. Apostolic Faith Mission Church – Questelles
  7. South Leeward Learning Resource Centre – Questelles
  8. Clare Valley Community Centre
  9. Seventh Day Adventist Church – Clare Valley
  10. Rillan Hill Roman Catholic Church
  11. Rillan Hill Community Centre
  12. Worldwide Mission Church – Penniston
  13. Paradise Seventh Day Adventist Church – Vermont

Central Leeward

  1. Buccament Government School – Dubois
  2. Golden Years Centre – Buccament
  3. Layou Grace and Truth Hall
  4. Layou Miracle Church School
  5. Central Leeward Secondary School – Peters Hope
  6. Grace and Truth Church Barrouallie
  7. Barrouallie Learning Resource Centre
  8. Barrouallie Government School
  9. Kingdom Hall Ministries – Barrouallie
  10. Evangelical Church –Barrouallie
    North Leeward
  11. Chateaubelair New Testament Church
  12. Chateaubelair Methodist School
  13. Chateaubelair Faith and Life Pentecostal Church
  14. Petit Bordel Secondary School
  15. Rose Hall New Testament Church of God
  16. Rose Bank Community Centre
  17. Rose Hall Community Centre
  18. Spring Village Worldwide Mission Church & Preschool
  19. Troumaca Government School
  20. Troumaca Ontario Secondary School
  21. Westwood Methodist Church -Coulls Hill
  22. Spring Village Methodist Church
  23. Spring Village Seventh Day Church
  24. Fitz Hughes Government School
  25. Golden Grove Learning Resource Center – Fitz Hughes
    Northern Grenadines
  26. Bequia Anglican Primary School – Port Elizabeth, Bequia
  27. Evangelical Church – Port Elizabeth, Bequia
  28. Pentecostal Church – Union Vale, Bequia
  29. Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses – Friendship Bay, Bequia
  30. Apostolic Faith Mission – Paget Farm, Bequia
  31. Paget Farm Community Centre – Paget Farm, Bequia
  32. Paget Farm SDA Church – Bequia
  33. The Rotary Center of Bequia – Lower Bay, Bequia
  34. Port Elizabeth SDA Church
  35. Paget Farm Evangelical Church – Bequia
  36. St. Michael’s Catholic Church and Pre-School – Hamilton, Bequia

Southern Grenadines

  1. Canouan Anglican Church
  2. Canouan Roman Catholic Church
  3. Canouan SDA Church
  4. Canouan Society Lodge
  5. Canouan Kindergarten – Grand Bay
  6. Wells of Living Water Church – Canouan
  7. Mayreau Government School
  8. Mayreau Recreational Centre (Roman Catholic Church)
  9. Union Island Secondary School
  10. Ashton Gospel Hall Church – Union Island
  11. St Matthias Anglican Church – Ashton, Union Island
  12. Rocky Hill Seventh Day Adventist Church – Ashton, Union Island
  13. Union Island Baptist Church, Ashton
  14. Clifton Pre School
  15. Ashton Learning Resource Centre
  16. St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church – Clifton, Union Island