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New SVG Caribbean Bakery in Brooklyn

Vincy Community Partner Business

Four years after Cynthia Bernard, proprietor of Ethlyn’s Bakery, on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, went to the Great Beyond, her brother and sister-in-law are now the new owners of the bakery, renaming it SVG Caribbean Bakery.

Bernard’s brother, Samuel Williams, who hails from Richland Park in the Marriaqua Valley, on mainland St. Vincent, and his wife, Zita Telemaque-Williams, originally from Canouan in the southern St. Vincent Grenadine islands, told Caribbean Life, in an exclusive interview over the weekend, that they continue to keep the bakery open not only in Bernard’s memory “but to continue to be a pillar of the community and to keep the Caribbean flavor alive.”

“We decided to change the name from Ethlyn’s Bakery to SVG Caribbean Bakery as a celebration of our culture and an inclusiveness for the Caribbean people in the community,” said Mrs. Telemaque-Williams, who juggles co-ownership of the bakery with her full-time job as a federal employee in the Nursing Department with the Veterans Affairs Health Administration.

“Our goal is to have a back-home feel about the bakery, baking familiar goods for the Caribbean community in the neighborho­od,” added Mrs. Telemaque-Williams, who migrated to New York in 1987. “We are catering to everyone, even though its mainly Caribbean goods.

Vincy Community Partner Business

“We provide a wide variety of baked goods many people are familiar with, and will acquire a taste for our excellent eateries,” she continued, disclosing that those “excellent eateries” comprise, among others, hard dough bread, red belly, sweet potato pudding, saltfish patty, peanut sugar cake, penny bread, bread pudding, cassava pudding and coconut drops.

Read more from SOURCE(Caribbean Life)

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The Highest Score For CPEA 2019 came from the Kingstown Preparatory School

Seante Zelika Sade Marshall placed first with an average of 96.80 percent, while Kate-Lynn Meeliah Bobb of the Stubbs Government School was second with an average of 95.60%, a release from the Ministry of Education said.

There was a three-way tie for the third position. They are: Jada Jamelia Ruth Durrant, of the Kingstown Government School, Lazaro Lopez Lynch of the Kingstown Preparatory School and Aroma Sweet Toria David of the Richland Park Government School with an average of 95.20%

Grade 6 students registered for the 2019 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) concluded their final examination on Friday May 17th, 2019. Of the 1785 students registered, 1780 wrote the final examination: 925 males and 855 females.

Students’ final scores were derived from the aggregate scores of both components of the CPEA. That is, the External Assessment which consisted of Multiple Choice Tests in Mathematics, Science , Language Arts and Social Studies and from the School-Based Assessment which comprised a Project, a Writing Portfolio, a Book Report as well as Teacher Tests, Pupil Made Tests and Can-Do-Skills exercises in Mathematics, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies.

The preliminary results indicate that the proportion of students who met the prescribed standard was 1552 (87.19%) a slight decrease over last year’s 87.43%. This number includes 749 (80.97%) males and 803 (93.2%) females.

There are 51 out of 67 schools that recorded a pass rate in excess of 80%.

The first 10 places were taken by the following Schools:


Barcardi Ad, Major Lazer & Music Videos – Dynamite Continues To Make Moves!

Vincentian Soca artist Dynamite recently wrapped up a three-dimensional visit to Costa Rico where he shot a Bacardi ad, was a part of a Major Lazer music video and also shot a music video for an unreleased record.

Speaking on his experience, the “Brave” artist said it was an eye-opening one, as it was the biggest production he has been involved in so far. It gave him an opportunity to see how much effort was put into just getting the perfect take after many shots. He was especially impressed with how all the departments involved worked together as a seamless unit.

“There’s the wardrobe sections where they prepare all the cast, the makeup department, security, lighting, director and main cast preparation, people there analyzing to make sure everything is as how it is scripted out … we shoot for 3 days on a straight …”

He went on to say that the experience has made him consider taking acting seriously in the future.
“In the end, it showed me the importance of a team, teamwork is important in anything… I’m really humbled by the experience. Acting would be something I consider in the future as well.”

Speaking of the future, when asked who he’d like to work with, in the future, Dynamite replied, “…People who’re really passionate and put their heart and soul in their craft, whether it be locally, regionally or internationally…”


A new payment processor is coming is VINCY

A new payment processor is in its initial stage of setting things going here… They have begun operations but not officially launched. this will be a game changer for the way we do business here in St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Payswif aims to solve the problem of No digital commerce within St.Vincent and the Grenadines by creating a payment network for businesses and individuals which enables limitless possibilities.

How does it work?

Payswif was designed to be completely unbanked which means you don’t need a bank account to use it; though optional of course. Just like mobile phone credit a user can top up their account or use existing systems like PayPal, debit and credit cards to make payments.

Register as a Vendor, Merchant or Client with each account type providing specific benefits. Read More about Account types.

What can you use Payswif for?

You will be able to use Payswif for just about any online transactions; buying, selling, renting, bill payments or advertisements/promotions, just to name a few. Building an E-commerce platform for a new or existing business or just an individual moving a side job online with Payswif the possibilities are endless. Learn how you can start accepting Payswif payments within your business.

Sell locally or Internationally

Merchants whether big businesses, small businesses or just that one passionate entrepreneur looking to move their ‘side hustle’ online by turning their website or mobile app from a liability into an asset for e-commerce. Payswif’s Merchant account will get it done! 

We provide Merchants with many great tools such as; customizable web links to receive payments via instant messages or by attaching them to facebook post and any other social media sites. We have also developed an API that will allow seamless integration for websites and mobile apps. We provide support of the popular WordPress e-commerce plug-in woocommerce.

Visit payswif website for more information

Opportunity for Vincentians to exhibit products at a regional trade show

Invest SVG is offering Vincentian businesses an opportunity to have their locally-made products exhibited at the Trade and Investment Convention (TIC) in Trinidad from July 4 to 7, 2019.
We are seeking high quality, well-packaged products, which will be taken to the regional trade show – to be showcased to over 500 regional and international buyers.
Click on link to learn more about TIC:
If you would like to take part in this opportunity, please contact Peter Edward (Export Development Manager) via email or telephone (784) 457-2159. Deadline for expressions of interest is Friday, June 7, 2019.


A small private aircraft with four persons on board is reported to have crashed in the mountains somewhere in the area of the Melville Hall airport in Dominica.

Reports say the craft traveling to Guadeloupe from Martinique reported to air traffic control at the Melville Hall airport that they were having difficulties and requested clearance to land.

The aircraft was given clearance but went down in the Melville Hall Valley west of the runway before reaching the airport.

Search parties have been dispatched in the very mountainous and remote area. We are awaiting reports of their findings

Source: Jerry George’s Facebook page

It’s Coming…The New Family of EC Polymer Notes

The ECCB will put EC polymer banknotes into circulation in June 2019, commencing with the new $50, followed by the $100, $20 and $10 in August/September and the $5 in 2020. 

Paper and polymer banknotes will be in circulation at the same time. That is, in conducting your business you may receive both polymer and paper banknotes.

What is polymer?

Polymer banknotes are produced from a thin, transparent and flexible plastic film made from polypropylene.

Why the transition from paper to polymer?

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank decided to change the material on which the EC banknotes are printed from paper to polymer because polymer banknotes are:

CLEANER:  Polymer banknotes stay cleaner than paper notes as they are resistant to dirt and moisture.

SAFER: Polymer banknotes can incorporate advanced security features which make them more difficult to counterfeit.

STRONGER: Polymer banknotes last at least two and a half times longer than paper notes. This also makes them more environmentally friendly. 

For more information about EC Polymer Notes, check out these videos.

Equipment For Geothermal Project Now In St Vincent

Ships containing around 90, 40ft containers and drilling Rigs docked at Port Kingstown this weekend to offload equipment destined for the Geothermal Project at Rabacca. Read more from NEWS784

After being loaded onto heavy-duty trucks, the convoy with the assistance of Traffic Police wound its way through mid-afternoon traffic with minimal disruption to commuters.