Barcardi Ad, Major Lazer & Music Videos – Dynamite Continues To Make Moves!

Vincentian Soca artist Dynamite recently wrapped up a three-dimensional visit to Costa Rico where he shot a Bacardi ad, was a part of a Major Lazer music video and also shot a music video for an unreleased record.

Speaking on his experience, the “Brave” artist said it was an eye-opening one, as it was the biggest production he has been involved in so far. It gave him an opportunity to see how much effort was put into just getting the perfect take after many shots. He was especially impressed with how all the departments involved worked together as a seamless unit.

“There’s the wardrobe sections where they prepare all the cast, the makeup department, security, lighting, director and main cast preparation, people there analyzing to make sure everything is as how it is scripted out … we shoot for 3 days on a straight …”

He went on to say that the experience has made him consider taking acting seriously in the future.
“In the end, it showed me the importance of a team, teamwork is important in anything… I’m really humbled by the experience. Acting would be something I consider in the future as well.”

Speaking of the future, when asked who he’d like to work with, in the future, Dynamite replied, “…People who’re really passionate and put their heart and soul in their craft, whether it be locally, regionally or internationally…”


A new payment processor is coming is VINCY

A new payment processor is in its initial stage of setting things going here… They have begun operations but not officially launched. this will be a game changer for the way we do business here in St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Payswif aims to solve the problem of No digital commerce within St.Vincent and the Grenadines by creating a payment network for businesses and individuals which enables limitless possibilities.

How does it work?

Payswif was designed to be completely unbanked which means you don’t need a bank account to use it; though optional of course. Just like mobile phone credit a user can top up their account or use existing systems like PayPal, debit and credit cards to make payments.

Register as a Vendor, Merchant or Client with each account type providing specific benefits. Read More about Account types.

What can you use Payswif for?

You will be able to use Payswif for just about any online transactions; buying, selling, renting, bill payments or advertisements/promotions, just to name a few. Building an E-commerce platform for a new or existing business or just an individual moving a side job online with Payswif the possibilities are endless. Learn how you can start accepting Payswif payments within your business.

Sell locally or Internationally

Merchants whether big businesses, small businesses or just that one passionate entrepreneur looking to move their ‘side hustle’ online by turning their website or mobile app from a liability into an asset for e-commerce. Payswif’s Merchant account will get it done! 

We provide Merchants with many great tools such as; customizable web links to receive payments via instant messages or by attaching them to facebook post and any other social media sites. We have also developed an API that will allow seamless integration for websites and mobile apps. We provide support of the popular WordPress e-commerce plug-in woocommerce.

Visit payswif website for more information

Happy Birthday to a beautiful lady-Ginella Hoyte

Happy Birthday to a beautiful lady-Ginella Hoyte…. May you have lots more birthdays like this… Have fun… laugh a lot and give thanks for life!

You have much to give thanks for and for another birthday is saying ohh am honored!!

From your family and friends Happy birthday and especial from our Vincy Community!!!!

18-yr old Jaria Fraser creates JP’s Mosquito Repellent

Let us all show love, support, and encouragement to 18-yr old Jaria Fraser who is a resident of Paul’s Avenue, St. Vincent. She is a young Entrepreneur, currently in her final year at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College (SVGCC), Division of Technical and Vocational Education (DTVE) where she is pursuing her studies of AAS Agricultural Science and Entrepreneurship.

She is a young agri-preneur who has been involved in hands on farming at secondary level but from a primary level gained knowledge, exposure and love for agriculture through her mother’s line of work. Jaria is the owner of JP’s Mosquito Repellent, she is hoping to see her product not only being displayed on the local but also regional and international markets along-side newly developed locally made produce in innovative ways.

One of the major requirements for the program was to create a product/service. JP’s Mosquito Repellent was not only developed for a school project but to create environmentally friendly products using natural locally produced herbs and spices to prevent mosquito-borne illnesses.

Message to Youths from Jaria

There is little, or no employment opportunities present here in St. Vincent due to the population and diversity in a workplace. Hundreds of students graduate from college each year and most of them are not fortunate enough to get a job. Therefore she sees agriculture as a gateway where by successful business development can take place and since agriculture is the backbone of the economy for food and value added production successful businesses can arrive.
Choosing Agricultural Science did not teach her only about farming, but about using each aspect of the Knowledge given to see a problem and be innovative in finding a solution that benefits the over-all economy and sets it high on the map.

• She graduated from the Bishop’s College Kingstown with (8) subjects.
• She was accepted into the AAS Agricultural Science and Entrepreneurship program at DTVE.
• Found an innovative way of using locally produced herbs and spice to create the product JP’s Mosquito Repellent. 
Her favourite quotes:
• “Surprise people with your success: move in silence”- Geraldo Alexander 
• “With in every accomplishment, something bigger awaits: therefore being able to know your direction to accomplishment is key”- Jaria Fraser
• “If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative”-Woody Allen 
Jaria expresses sincere gratitude firstly to God, her Mother: Kozel Peters Fraser, Father: Marvin Fraser, her classmates, community of Paul’s Avenue and her Lecturers