Congrats to the Ozon winners

Vincy Community is pleased to partner with General Maritime Agencies to offer to our members FREE Ozon detergents to our weekly giveaway done on our interactive platform…

Another winner Kelly-Ann David of Arnos Vale has sent a pic of her win…..Excited and looking forward to another weekly giveaway…… This Ozon detergent giveaway was made possible through General and Maritime Agencies Ltd and Vincy Community…
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Kelly-Ann David winner of (2) 200 grams of Ozon Detergents

Hartiem Farrell Creations has been literally making waves in the Fashion Industry

Name: Hartiem Farrell

Age: 21 years

Field: Fashion Industry

Mr Hartiem Farrell, the proprietor of Hartiem Farrell Creations has been literally making waves in the Fashion Industry especially in the area of Female Bathing Suit Design and creation. He is soon to be one of the leading producers of both female and men’s wear. Yet he remains very humble. He gained his secondary education in Business Studies from the St. Vincent Grammar School(2014) and then went on to the St Vincent Community College(2016). Emerge SVG had an interview with him. The questions and answers are as follows;

Why did you choose to go into Fashion? ” I gained interest in clothing from an early age. They were always interesting to me. I would always watch clothes and wonder how they were constructed and I used to love drawing clothes. I decided that I wanted to learn to sew and it just took off from there”

What advice would you give to a young man who would like to go into the fashion industry? “I would advise him to go for it and give it your all. He must also be prepared for a lot of work and don’t be afraid to seek advice or guidance”

What other positive advice would you like to give? “I would advise them to always do the right thing, stay in your own lane & don’t follow bad company or make life choices that could have poor consequences. Additionally, they must never be afraid to try something new”

EmergeSVG wishes Mr. Hartiem Farrell all the best in his future endeavours. He can be contacted on WhatsApp or via phone call on 17845328570 or on Instagram at @hartiem for orders.

#YouthEmpowerment#fashion#swimsuit#fashiondesigner — with Hartiem Farrell.