Local Business Partnership

We have introduced a unique and different way of marketing your business to our vincentian community.

AdzVillage Advertising and Marketing Company has embarked on a strategy that is innovative and unique and can work for every business.

We have created our own community where members can interact with each other and also with your business. This interaction comes with rewards in the form of points, deals, discounts, and giveaways. Vincy community promotes everything that concerns Vincentians from promoting local achievers to buying and selling local products and services. Read more on our about us page.

Everyone is now looking for the lowest prices on goods and servvices. We are giving our members the opportunity to to get items at attractive prices only through our e-store.

We want you to partner with us in showcasing your Vincy products and or services to the Vincentian population at home and abroad.

To make this possible we have included a shopping area on our website where buying and selling is done….

Our strategy is to capture them through our platform by offering them the opportunity to buy items ridiculously cheap… low low prices

This can be done through our unique 5-50% off for members selling strategy.

Vincy Community offers local Businesses the opportunity in partnering with us to give our members up to 50% discount on purchases made on any single item or service from their businesses through our online store.

This system allows you to give up to 50% of the cost of any item or service in exchange for advertising on our platform and earn advertising credits.

Join our partnership program today and experience your business reaching further with our proven marketing strategies

Example #1: Shop A sells colognes for EC$10 but members get 50% off, (EC$5.00). Your business earns $5.00 and the other $5 goes towards the purchasing of advertising credits…

Example #2: Shop B sells a puma shoe for $100 but member gets 20% off (EC$20.00). Your business earns $80 and the other goes towards the purchasing of advertising credits.

Members who shop using our shopping cart method pays via cash, e-wallet or payswif payment processor.

Our unique platform allows for giveaways, contest and other features to give our members points towards any given campaign.

E.g. Click video below

How does it work & Benefits:

  1. Businesses get returning and new customers
  2. Designed ad banner (including plan)
  3. We share your business ads on all our social media platforms
  4. Sharing your business to our growing social community daily. (Over 25k in total)
  5. We promote your products and services in our community and on social media.
  6. Members review the products and services of your business and share on social media.
  7. You get to exchange products or services for ad credits
  8. Members will shop at our e-store at low rates to attract them to our community and introduce them to your business.
    Only members get these low prices.
  9. You get the opportunity to promote more products and services.
  10. Your business gets a banner ad equivalent to the ad purchase.

What you do:

  1. You promote offers, deals and giveaways to our members
  2. Send a product or service of the day for us to promote on all our social platforms….

N.B. We also have separate advertising packages which start at EC$25 and a start-up fee for only EC$25 one-time. (Click on the tab below to see rates).

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