Barcardi Ad, Major Lazer & Music Videos – Dynamite Continues To Make Moves!

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Vincentian Soca artist Dynamite recently wrapped up a three-dimensional visit to Costa Rico where he shot a Bacardi ad, was a part of a Major Lazer music video and also shot a music video for an unreleased record.

Speaking on his experience, the “Brave” artist said it was an eye-opening one, as it was the biggest production he has been involved in so far. It gave him an opportunity to see how much effort was put into just getting the perfect take after many shots. He was especially impressed with how all the departments involved worked together as a seamless unit.

“There’s the wardrobe sections where they prepare all the cast, the makeup department, security, lighting, director and main cast preparation, people there analyzing to make sure everything is as how it is scripted out … we shoot for 3 days on a straight …”

He went on to say that the experience has made him consider taking acting seriously in the future.
“In the end, it showed me the importance of a team, teamwork is important in anything… I’m really humbled by the experience. Acting would be something I consider in the future as well.”

Vincy Community Partner Business

Speaking of the future, when asked who he’d like to work with, in the future, Dynamite replied, “…People who’re really passionate and put their heart and soul in their craft, whether it be locally, regionally or internationally…”


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