Vincy Community

What is happening in our Vincy online community: 

  1. Social Community-members share what is happening in their respective communities on our platform.
  2. Stories– We share articles featuring Vincies at home and abroad.
  3. Business MagazineDaily business interactions from local businesses.
  4. Buy & Sell– Our Members will promote your items for SALE on our platform….
  5. Quizzes– local quizzes focus on learning more about Vincy.
  6. Family Tree A physical tree with family lineage. Paid feature( coming soon)
  7. Family Talk interviews with Vincentian which talks about their family.
  8. Celebrations-Celebrating special events in a person’s lives such as birthdays, anniversaries and even memories of those who have passed.
  9. Giveaways/Deals/Coupons/Games– giveaways, deals, and coupons for members only.
  10. Affiliates– This allows anyone to earn cash for inviting advertisers. We are giving Vincentians the opportunity to earn up to 20% on the sale of every business they bring on board.
  11. VC TV– a compilation of videos from local programs such as NEWS, Entertainment and more. (Features local music, drama, games and more).

Website Features:(for Businesses & local promotors)

  1. Promote Local businesses
  2. Interact with prospect
  3. Conduct polls and surveys
  4. Groups for businesses 
  5. Giveaways
  6. Go Social


  1. Ads(Video ads)
  2. Buying & Selling (Vincy Buy & Sell)
  3. Businesses (Each business groups)
  4. News (Local news from local news blogs)
  5. Public Announcements( What is happening in the community)
  6. Birthday & Anniversaries( Celebrating with birthday celebrants)
  7. Celebration of Life memories of our love-ones who have passed
  8. Family Talk
  9. Health (Health & Fitness)
  10. Jobs (available jobs)
  11. Jokes (Fun page)
  12. Laughs (fun page)
  13. Lottery (daily lottery numbers)
  14. Polls & Surveys
  15. Family groups(Create your own family group)
  16. Vincy Properties (posting your properties)
  17. Vincy Classroom(learning group)
  18. Vincy Soca (local soca music)
  19. Vincy Carnival (Carnival pics and Videos)
  20. Weather News

and more

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