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Vincy Community

  1. Auctions-(Bids)
  2. Business Classifieds (for businesses)
  3. Business News (For Businesses)
  4. Buy & Sell (for Businesses & Members)
  5. Celebrations (for members)
  6. Giveaways/Deals/Coupons(For Businesses & members)
  7. Interactive: Quizzes, Games, Polls & Surveys (For businesses & members)
  8. Loyalty Points (For members)
  9. Social Community (For members & Businesses)
  10. Vincentian Stories (For members)
  11. Vincy Workplace (For Businesses & Members)
  12. Google my Business with FREE mini website (For Businesses)

Coming soon- Estore, paid memberships, and more

Features in Details

  1. Auctions-Bid on almost any items
  2. Business Classifieds-A showcase to our community what services and products are available
  3. Business News- News from the business community as well as national news that affects businesses
  4. BUY & SELL- We SELL/RENT or LEASE. Our platform has its own classifieds plus a social group where anyone can post their product or services to anyone who desires to buy, trade of exchange. This is opened to everyone in Vincy community
  5. CELEBRATIONS-Celebrating special events such as birthdays, anniversaries and even memories of those who have passed. This opens the avenue for the general vincentian public to showcase those who are celebrating in whatever form they know…
  6. Giveaways/Deals/Coupons/-members of our community can interact with our platform and take part in our weekly giveaways which allows you to win great prizes…giveaways, deals, and coupons are for members only.
  7. Interactive: Quizzes, Games,Polls and Surveys- We give our members the opportunity to do polls on behalf of a company as well as answer general knowlege questions and plus questions about our partner businesses. You will have fun playing games for points that can be used in our giveaways.
  8. Loyalty Points- Loyalty Points are given to members who interacts with our web platform. These points are used to buy entries for our giveaways. You earn points for joining our community, adding friends, commenting, viewing advertiser’s videos, posting to community and more. N.B Points expires weekly
  9. SOCIAL COMMUNITY-members share what is happening in their respective communities. This is done in the same format as Facebook, LinkedIn etc 
  10. VINCENTIAN STORIESRead about Vincentians at home and in the diaspora who has been making contributions within their various communities and globally…
  11. VINCY WORKPLACE-This feature allows business places to showcase their hard working staff.
  12. Google My Business with FREE mini website- Have your business located on google along with a mini website with information about your business


  1. Ads(Video ads)
  2. Buying & Selling (Vincy Buy & Sell)
  3. Businesses (Each business groups)
  4. News (Local news from local news blogs)
  5. Public Announcements( What is happening in the community)
  6. Birthday & Anniversaries( Celebrating with birthday celebrants)
  7. Celebration of Life memories of our love-ones who have passed
  8. Health (Health & Fitness)
  9. Jobs (available jobs)
  10. Jokes (Fun page)
  11. Laughs (fun page)
  12. Polls & Surveys
  13. Family groups(Create your own family group)
  14. Vincy Properties (posting your properties)
  15. Vincy Classroom(learning group)
  16. Vincy Soca (local soca music)
  17. Vincy Carnival (Carnival pics and Videos)
  18. Weather News

and more

Website Features:(for Businesses & local promotors)

  1. Promote Local businesses
  2. Interact with prospect
  3. Conduct polls and surveys
  4. Groups for businesses 
  5. Giveaways
  6. Go Social
  7. Business Cards

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