About Us

Vincy Community

These are just a few of what is happening in our Vincy online community: 

  1. Social Community-members post and share what is trending and what is of great interest to them. Persons will share pictures and videos on what is happening in their respective communities on our platform.
  2. Stories– We publish articles featuring local achievers,  showcasing workers, craftsmen, high performers in academics as well as news, sports and feature entertainers & local businesses throughout the island.
  3. E-store– Members purchase products or services from local vendors at discounted prices-Click for E-store
  4. Classified ads– All members are able to publish Classified ads
  5. Business MagazineDaily business news from local businesses. eg. The employee of the month etc
  6. Quizzes and Polls– Members earn prizes for participating in local quizzes.
  7. Points– Member earn points for website interactions to be used in campaigns and promotions such as looking at partners ads
  8. Family Tree A physical tree with family lineage-coming
  9. Family Talk interviews with Vincentian which talks about their family.
  10. Shoutouts-Short video clips of persons shouting their families and friends
  11. Celebrations– Features persons in the community who are Celebrating special events in their lives such as birthdays, anniversaries and even memories of those who have moved on from this life.
  12. Vincy Smiles– Gives vincies home and abroad the opportunity to show off their smiles.
  13. Community Announcements-From Churches, Community Groups and NGO’s on what is happening…
  14. Giveaways/Deals/Coupons/Games– members will participate in giveaways, deals, and coupons only to our members.
  15. Vincy Lime Time-Community Entertainment showcase…
  16. Competitions– Our members earn money for competitions such as creating an ad for our partner businesses.
  17. Buy & Sell– We sell your products and services from our platform.
  18. Affiliates– This allows anyone to earn cash for inviting advertisers. We are giving Vincentians the opportunity to earn up to 20% on the sale of every business they bring on board.
  19. Business Opportunities-We will look for business opportunities and post to our community.
  20. Jobs listings-Looking for a Job… We will be posting the latest jobs available in and around SVG!
  21. Vincy Property-local Properties are shown from RealEstate companies and private owners.
  22. Vincy Businesses- We promote businesses for FREE! we create groups for our members to follow your business or profession.
  23. VC TV– a compilation of videos from local programmes such as NEWS, Entertainment and more. (Features local music, drama, games and more). Members get points for looking at partner ads.
  24. WhatsApp updates– Send messages to our community occasionally on the latest updates- Members only!
  25. Email updates– We email our member on the latest updates

More to come!

Website Features:(for Businesses & local promotors)

  1. Promote your business
  2. Interact with prospect
  3. Conduct polls and surveys
  4. Create own group
  5. Sell items directly to customers
  6. Giveaways
  7. Go Social

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