Virtual Cash

Virtual Cash is given to members for website interactions…. These are a list of interactions that virtual cash is given
  1. Registration ($10-One Time)
  2. Daily visits ($2 )
  3. Connecting friends ($5 each-5 friends maximum daily)
  4. Profile picture update ($5- 1 per week)
  5. Banner picture update ($5- 1 per week)
  6. Status updates ($10-max- daily)
  7. Commenting on post ($5 daily)
  8. Messaging or chatting(varies) ($5 daily)
  9. Viewing products in e-store ($2 daily)
  10. Refer a friend $25 daily(Look out for daily specials) Click to Refer a Friend
  11. Viewing videos from advertisers($25 dollars per video)- eg. Click to view ad
N.B. Virtual cash expires at the end of each quarter to make it more exciting….
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