TO YOU SVG!!!! Poem written by Angus DaBreo


My beloved Country SVG
Cheers to you on your anniversary
You will be celebrating Year Thirty-Nine
But you’re still beautiful,tranquil and you’re mine

Though at times ,the road it is not easy
You keep fighting against the Odds peacefully
Proven to be a Tower of significant Strength
Oh Hairouna ,SVG,I love you at length

From the Mountain Tops to the Valley Floors
Even to your beautiful Black and White Sea Shores
Where would I’ve been if it wasn’t for you
Who would I’ve had pledged my allegiance to

North to South,East to West
Hairouna SVG,you are truely the best
In a World where Thorns are many
You are the “Rose” my Sweet SVG

Thirty-nine years of independence
Thirty-nine Years of self governance
Thirty-nine years of being free
Thirty-nine years,happy birthday,happy anniversary


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