Partners Features

Welcome to Vincy Community where we share your business with the world!

We are inviting you to partner with us for an introductory rate:

EC$50(Small Business), $150(Medium size Business) , $250(Large Business). A $500 Value… 

(original cost is $50 weekly/$150 weekly)

All partners get the following:

  1. Banner ads-We create banner ads for our site in several sizes, 728X90, 250X250, 500X200
  2. Business group– We setup and manage your group within our community…
  3. Business Page-We setup a page for your business with all the necessary information, pictures, videos etc. Our members visit and share for points
  4. Community post– We promote your products and services daily in our growing community…
  5. Gifts & Rewards– Your business can giveaway any item that allows them to know more about your business
  6. Google For Businesses– Google for business allows your business to be seen globally.
  7. Polls & Surveys– We can create and manage polls and surveys for your business on our platform.
  8. WhatsApp Promotions– We will WhatsApp or Message our members on the latest updates on our offerings

Members earn points for interacting with your ads such as sharing pages, post, commenting and viewing your video.

                                                    Basic  Plan              Advance Plan                       Premium Plan

                                                   ($50 Monthly)        ($150 Monthly)                ($250 Monthly)

  1. Banner ads                                 NA                                   Yes                                             Yes
  2. Business Group                        Yes                                    Yes                                             Yes
  3. Business Page                           NA                                    Yes                                             Yes
  4. Community Post                      Yes                                    Yes                                             Yes
  5. Email Promotions                    NA                                    Yes                                             Yes
  6. Facebook Post                           NA                                    Yes                                             Yes
  7. Google for Business                 NA                                    Yes                                             Yes
  8. Polls & Surveys                         NA                                     NA                                             Yes
  9. Video Creation                       Monthly                          Weekly(30sec)                       Weekly(1min)
  10. WhatsApp                                   NA                                    NA                                             Yes

Our community is expected to grow significantly through a strategy that was implemented and tested.

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  1. Video Post-We create videos for our community, youtube, vimeo and Facebook. Members get points for looking at your full videos
  2. Email marketing-We will email our members with information about your company upon request
  3. Post to other social media accounts-We will post to your social media as well as our social media followings of over 25K!

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Your partnership goes towards

  1. Salaries
  2. Hosting
  3. Promotions

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