Kingstown Baptist Church opens modern Santuary

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For many of those who attended the dedication of the “brand new, sparkling, state-of-the-art sanctuary,” as described by the architect, Moulton Mayers, their sentiments may have been best represented in an original song composed by one of the members.

Pastor of KBC, Dr Cecil Richards, in his address last Sunday, at the first service at the new worship centre, began with the original composition, the tense of the song now changed from future to past tense.

“We built this house in love and unity. Our hearts will bring our people together always. It’s a reminder to him, his people will always give, give him their hearts desire,” the first verse rang out.

The chorus, which had been sung intermittently throughout the service, followed, “We built this house with love, we built this house with joy, we built this house with everything we’ve got.”

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