Gift Rewards

Vincy Community rewards our members for daily website interactions. 

Grocery Shopping for 1000 points-(Click to view)

We are rewarding our members for INTERACTING with our community. That is participating in our quizzes, treasure hunts, daily logins, page views, adding friends, sharing advertisers ads and other community interactions.

Here how it works

Interactions will be done in our community daily… Our members will be rewarded with points for these interactions then you use these points to redeem gift rewards.


  1. Earn points for daily interaction within our Vincy Community
  2. Points earned can be redeemed through available offers. (See list below)
  3. Confirm the order by placing code in area provided.

NB… the more friends you have on our network makes it easier for you to win lots of prizes daily and weekly.

“This is really a smart and creative way to promote my business”-Randy Walcott

THIS WEEK’S OFFER-Please click on the offer you want

Grocery Shopping-for 1000 points (Click to view)

These are several example categories that can be placed in our Gift rewards:

  1. Grocery Shopping
  2. Hotel Day Pass
  3. $50 Gas
  4. Camera
  5. Tablet
  6. Restaurant meal voucher
  7. Dentist voucher
  8. FREE Eye Test


Points are given to members for website interactions…. These are a list of interactions that earn points

  1. Registration (10 points-One Time)
  2. Daily visits (5 points )
  3. Connecting friends (5 points each-5 friends maximum daily)
  4. Profile pictures (2 points weekly)
  5. Banner pictures (2 Points weekly)
  6. Status updates (5 points daily)
  7. Commenting (2 Points daily)
  8. Messaging or chatting(varies)
  9. Viewing pages (2 points daily)
  10. Viewing & sharing video ads from advertisers(50 points)- Click to view video

N.B. Points expires at the end of each campaign to make it more exciting…

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