Dear Vincy- My man has another family I just found out.. what to do

Dear Vincy

Dear Vincy,

I am a mother of 2 and was living in a house with this man for over 10 years not knowing that he has another family overseas… You know living in SVG we have been taught to trust and respect of men which I have done to this man…. I have given him my life and I don’t know what to do…Please tell me.. Puzzled

Hi miss puzzled!

You seem to be a very disciplined and faithful woman.. now that you found out that that man you lived with for over 10 years has another family means that he has deceived you… All your trust have been withdrawn…

You need to seek professional help in dealing with this situation.

You have to find out if he really loves you and has to make a decision whether its you or the other family. Confrontation is needed and with the entire family because its a serious issue….

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