Dear Vincy- I think am in love with my neighbour’s wife

Dear Vincy

Dear Vincy

It was only 2 months ago when my neighbour’s wife called me and told me to do her a favor which I did without thinking anything. She as usual compliment me on a great job and effort and I never took it as nothing but from then on I keep on having dreams about her… often times I would see her nude and I we would be doing stuff… then I would catch myself and realise that it was only a dream…

Vince, that was not all, I had a conversation withe her and realise that we think alike a lot and has similar goals. Mind you her husband and I are good friends also and I think he does not treat her well enough…. they dont spend enough time together, going out and those stuff…

I am wondering if its just a crush or am having string feelings for her that can turn into real love and what signs should I look for to know if she feels the same? Concerned Crush

VINCE: My friend Concerned Crush you are a healthy young man and these feelings are real.. you don’t need to worry whether she likes you or not.. you are just going through a phase… She hasnt told you nor shown you any signs that she is interesting in you….

What you need to do is not to set yourself of for a heart break so that if youre looking for someone to love. Please look for someone who hasnt been taken.. you will just mess up a good relationship!!!

stay friends with the family but deal with your issue, youre a young man who will become aged and you dont want to know that you have messed up something great.. Hope this helps


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