Congrats to Alisha King Quashie in attaining her Bachelors in Education


This year, one of my life long goal was achieved. After two children, a draining relationship ending in a bad divorce, many sacrifices and many struggles, I was able to accomplish my dream by completing my Bachelors in Education after the third attempt.
The first attempt, I was hospitalized and decided to take time off in 2007, along that journey I got married and life took its course. The second attempt, in 2011 I was married, lacked emotional support and due to havingĀ young children I had to put my dream on hold by dropping out of my programme again….so once again I withdrew from my studies.
However, this final and third attempt..after leaving an emotionally draining marriage, relocating my family, taking on serious financial debts, I reapplied and began my quest in 2014.
With very slim means, climbing finances, minimal support, severe emotional scars I began this journey. With mighty faith, a loyal mother and a few family support, I began my journey. Today, I have accomplish my educational goal.
As an educator we strive to teach our students to manage their life goals, be industrious and diligent students. I am living proof of that dream. My professors at UWI were inspiring and prob many thought provoking issues..with them I wouldn’t be here…so thankful for the time and effort they made to contributed to my accomplishments.
I am sharing these private thoughts, to encourage all women to fight for your dreams so that they become a reality..My odds were slim, I got no scholarships and my life in 2013 was in pieces with a marriage falling apart, two young children and very limited support…I was able to accomplish my goal. Also, my children were growing academically despite the lack of proper support and very limited finances.
My daughter placed 46 in the CPEA exam without any extra classes but with me at her side….she deserve so much more than I can offer… My son also maintain great academic standing not budging below 90% avg…
So thankful for all my many blessings… God has been with us inspite all odds against my children and I. I gave up a lot to pursue this dream and I have no regrets.
Many people are not aware how strong we women are until you share a little of your life story…To this end I prayer that my children would not have to struggle as much as I have and I prayer they receive more support from all. I am so proud of my children who ride this waved with me and climbed with me due to our financial struggles…they are just as successful as I am am today.
To those who cheered us on and the few who supported I am truly grateful…
With Christ in your heart, faith, determination and perseverance we women can fly higher heights and model to our children to be strong. My life, my dream, my future….strive for your goals women….
Alisha King Quashie.

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October 25, 2018 2:31 pm