About Vincy

Its all about You & Me..We are all VINCY!

Vincy is an online community which connects, shares and interacts with Vincentians.  We celebrate vincys who have birthdays, anniversaries or vincies making significant achievements…

The platform features the Vincy Lifestyle while at the same time rewards its members for daily interactions

FEATURES: Vincentian’s Achievements, Blogs on varied topics, Birthdays and Anniversaries, Business Pages, an ACTIVE SOCIAL COMMUNITY.

We are a product of AdzVillage Advertising & Marketing Company doing business as Vincy Lifestyle Magazine which was created by social media expert Mr Sean Samuel

Explanation below:

  1. Achievements:- Persons who have achieved in some form or the other whether in academia, business, entertainment, sports or other achievements. 
  2. Business Page Features a list of businesses pages in our community to interact with our members. (Includes google business account)
  3. Business Magazine(BizMagazine)-News about local businesses in interview style with managers or owners. It also features workers of the company….
  4. Blog Our blog features articles from local bloggers…(We are always seeking new bloggers in the fields of health, education, automobile,technology, real-estate, fashion, foods etc)
  5. Celebrations-features Birthday celebrations, Anniversaries, Entertainment and more…
    We Celebrate with our members and friends on their birthdays. O
    ur members and friends will be updated on the latest death announcements…
  6. CommunityOur own social platform where our members would interact with friends and family and also win prizes for daily interactions. Within the community you can add friends, send private messages, chat, post pictures, videos and more just like your regular social media platforms. In our community we also do quizzes, polls and surveys, News, Sports, Games, competition, classifieds, community announcements and more
  7. Family Tree-A physical tree where you can see your family linage. (under construction)
  8. Family Memories-Remembering our ancestors and feature pictures and other information
  9. Points Members are able to earn points for daily visits, adding friends, games, community actions and other interactions. (eg adding a friend may give you 5 points)…. NB. Points expires every month.
  10. Rewards and Gifts– We reward our members gifts from our businesses such as shopping sprees, discounts, Offers etc. 
  11. Vincy Life-a programme where we interview persons from around Vincy discussing varied issues especially whats trending…
  12. Vincy Smiles…. A group on our platform where we showcase person showing off their smiles…lol (Community)
  13. Vincy Lifestyle Podcast-This features local entertainment plus other interesting happenings in and around SVG which may include, Business News,Classifieds, movies, Drama and lots more Click to view ( We also do LIVE broadcast!)

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Email: are sent to our members about updates and other important details plus ads from partners

WhatsApp: We use WhatsApp to notify our members of special information.

Our goal is to reach every Vincentian at home and in the diaspora and also to make Vincy Lifestyle Magazine a household name where everyone will be looking closely at us for the next big thing happening in Vincy!! 

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